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Jackie Jackson

Urge Overkill: 
A Story of Breaking Free

Integrative Healing: A Holistic Approach to Trauma Recovery

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Urge Overkill Sneak Peek

Urge Overkill: A Story of Breaking Free is a coming of age, self-help awareness campaign about the insidious descent of a young social worker who sets out to save the world but slides slowly into the dark world of an abusive relationship. From her tumultuous teens to the Zen of communal living in college, she lands out West with the man of her dreams. 

Isolated from family and friends, her adventure all too soon becomes a codependent quest to cure the alcoholic abuse of her troubled prince. After all, she is a social worker. And she loves him, right? 

Determined to save him and their relationship, she almost loses herself. After three years, she finally got on a plane and moved across the country. But it’s not over. He stalks her, he even sends troubling messages, years later, to her young son’s cell phone. 

It is said that neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the abuser, never the target. This is a cautionary tale – when is verbal abuse okay? When it turns into violence? When should you run? Her message: “Get out now!” She does not do that fast enough, but finally she does get out, heals and finds  a wonderful new love.

Integrative Healing: A Holistic Approach to Trauma Recovery

Stress Nation is a term we can coin to describe our lives in the United States. On a large scale, we are a nation in need of healing. There is only so much we can consume, so many medications we can take and only so many operations we can undergo using psychology/ allopathic medicine to deal with our fear, anxiety, depression, and trauma. Especially our individual and collective trauma.
Too often when there is a diagnosis, we see all kinds of specialists who give only a piece of the puzzle. We are left to make sense of the disparate pieces while in a health crisis. Integrative Healing offers a menu of options from which people can draw on for information distilled into digestible parts to see how they may fit together for a more holistic approach to healing.
We begin with an exploration of the ABCs of trauma and how it lives in the body. This book synthesizes today’s leading trauma healing modalities into relatable terms. Then it gives case studies, practical applications, and resources after each chapter.
Together we journey through the most cutting-edge treatments in psychology and their complementary counterparts. The focus is on integration: where the two meet and sometimes overlap. The author uses personal insights, humor, and candor along with her years of experience as a social worker, yoga, therapeutics, and meditation teacher.

Drawing on her own and clients’ experiences, she translates the material to real life. It is said that everyone you meet is either perpetuating generational trauma or doing the hard work of healing it. This is for those who have had enough and want to pursue recovery.
We examine the different ways we can literally change the neuroplasticity of the brain with Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing, Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Therapeutic/Trauma Yoga, Expressive Arts Therapy, Energy Healing, and more.

Readers can delve into different ways to change the way trauma lives in their bodies and create safety within themselves.


In The Press
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"Jackson provides a vivid portrait of a smart, compassionate young social worker—with a slightly wild side, and deeply mystical side too. Urge Overkill chronicles the experience as she blasts off the tumultuous family farm and makes her way into her Zen-inspired college commune living, eventually finding her passion in crisis counseling. She heads west with the love of her life. But social work is much more demanding and he is much more aggressive than she ever expected.
     Far away from her friends and family, she  convinces herself its mostly just words, maybe a few bruises. But still she doesn’t say much to anyone. She of all people would know if she was in real danger, right?  She’d know the signs of her own abuse? How does one intervene into one’s own crisis? Read on. The writing soars with insight while the story subtly sears the heart. This is a cautionary tale made ripe for the times."

-Marcelle Soviero,
Author, An Iridescent Life
Creative Director, Marcelle Ink,
Editor, Brain Child Magazine 


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Jackie Jackson started writing at age seven when she kept diaries and created books with drawings using folded paper stapled up the side. She continues these rituals to this day but the latter is done online. She has written on and offline for newspapers and magazines and everything in between. She lives with her beloved family which includes: her husband, her two sons and their dog Louie.

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